About Me:
I am a urban photographer who roams the streets with a camera in my hand, always on the hunt for subjects to photograph wether it's enviornments, old things, people or situations in some form of abstract way.
I Draw a lot of inspiration from music, movies and books besides the old masters of the craft like Bresson, Herzog, Meyerowitz, Leiter and Eggelston.
My interest in photography goes way back to my childhood when i got a Kodak Disc 3500 camera on one magical christmas eve in the mid 80's.
After that there was no going back.
I use a Sony cameras for photography and DJI cameras and gimbals for filming (paired with filters from Freewell). 
I use ADOBE Lightroom, ADOBE Photoshop and DaVinci Resolve
for editing stills and films.
I Live with my wonderful wife in Luleå, north of Sweden.
She makes me lemonade when life serves me lemons.
Best Regards!